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Work Injuries

An opportunity to rebuild after a work injury.

If you have been injured at work and are seeking compensation, talk to our experienced team who specialise in work injury claims. However you should first know what constitutes a work injury. The term work injury can mean at work, during an authorised recess at work or in some cases, on your way to or from work.

You should know that it doesn’t matter whose fault the injury was. The Worker’s Compensation system is a no-fault system and as long as you meet the conditions of the legislation you are entitled to claim compensation.

Compensation is payable under the Workers Compensation Acts for:

  • Loss of wages (weekly payments)
  • Medical expenses
  • Lump sum compensation for permanent impairment
  • Lump sum compensation for pain and suffering (for injuries before 1/1/2002)
  • Damage to property
  • Domestic assistance

The Workers Compensation system has recently undergone some changes, which may affect your compensation entitlements. It is now more important than ever that you seek legal advice.

In Workers Compensation, the Government can provide funding through the Workcover Independent Review Office (WIRO) to cover legal costs of your claim, which means there is no cost to you. In cases where there is a serious injury caused by the negligence of your employer you may have further rights. Find out more here .
If you have suffered a work injury, our highly experienced lawyers can help you secure the compensation you are entitled to.

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