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Property & Financial Issues

Ensuring your rights are protected.

When we speak of property and financial issues, we are not just talking about homes and money. This area of Family Law includes all assets and liabilities including family businesses, investments and even superannuation. And it’s important that all these assets be divided legally.

However, it is not just about what you own. It’s also about what you have contributed during the relationship or marriage and what your future needs are likely to be.

There are various matters to consider. The Family Law team at Nikolovski Lawyers is experienced and will consider all aspects of your case, advising you as to what you are entitled to. As seasoned negotiators we always endeavour to reach an amicable outcome. We strive to ensure that both parties come to some sort of agreement outside of court, however if that’s not possible then our team are experienced in handling all legal applications and representing you in court.

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